Zymox Skin Support Topical Cream with Hydrocortisone for Dogs and Cats

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Zymox Topical Cream with 0.5% Hydrocortisone helps manage itchy allergy skin and other skin conditions that are common in pets. Zymox Topical Cream is for dogs and cats is naturally antimicrobial due to our patented LP3 Enzyme System. Each enzyme has its own unique property, but the combination of enzymes works together to provide a powerful punch to your pets skin problems. We’ve added no antibiotics, alcohol, or harsh chemical ingredients, so its completely safe if your pet licks themselves after application.

  • Provides gentle, soothing relief from skin irritations like itchy skin, hot spots, dermatitis & more
  • Antibiotic-free ointment with hydrocortisone helps manage skin issues without using harsh chemicals
  • No-sting antimicrobial lotion means no pre-cleaning is required, making applications less painful
  • Made with gentle ingredients that are safe if licked after application; for dogs & cats of all ages
  • Our soothing remedy is ideal for pet skin issues causing irritation to the face, paws & body folds

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