Zoo Med Cavern Kit with Excavator Complete Excavation Kit


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The Zoo Med Reptile Cavern Kit has everything you need to create caverns, tunnels, caves and shelters in your reptiles clay substrate – including the substrate! Zoo Med Excavator clay lets you create virtually any environment your imagination can dream up, so go wild and build your reptiles dream home.

  • Everything you need to make caverns, tunnels and shelters
  • Allows you to create a fun, naturalistic habitat for your reptile
  • Zoo Med Excavator Clay Substrate included
  • Made in the USA

Caverns, tunnels and other hiding places are important for promoting proper and healthy natural behaviors in reptiles, arachnids, and other desert pets.

Includes: Zoo Med Excavator Clay Substrate (12 lbs), 7″ Tunnel Tube, 5″ Round Balloons (2), 9″ Round Balloons (2), Balloon Attachment Assembly, 10″ Shovel, Excavator Mixing Bag and Full Instruction Booklet.