Via Aqua LED Light & Airstone Slow Color Changing 1.8 Watts – 6″ Long (6 Multicolor LED’s)


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The Via Aqua Slow Color Changing LED Light and Airstone uses low voltage LED lamps that are self-weighted for simple installation. These LED lights will help add a new dimension to your tank and illuminate your water!

  • Great night light and tank illuminator
  • Provides a color changing air curtain
  • Connect to an Air Pump and Airline (sold separately) to create a bubble wall in your aquarium

The Slow Color Changing LED Light and Airstone is perfect for brilliant color viewing and comes with a transformer, two suction cup brackets and a wire suction cup.

6″ Long: 1.8 Watts (6 Multicolor LEDs)
12″ Long: 2.7 Watts (12 Multicolor LEDs)
18″ Long: 3.3 Watts (18 Multicolor LEDs)