Thomas Pet Terra Septic Eye and Ear Drops 30 ml


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Thomas Pet Terra Septic Eye and Ear Drops for dogs and cats. Ear, eye, and skin challenges are no fun; not for the dog or cat that suffers from them and certainly not for the owner who is supporting the pet. Thats why Thomas Pet offers Terra Septic, an eye, ear, and skin solution that helps support the normal healing process without harming the tissues. This silver solution for dogs and cats can help with seasonal allergies, runny eyes, and tear stains. It also helps maintain the health of your pets ears and deodorize odors associated with ears. Terra Septics pH-neutral silver solution works to help maintain normal eye, ear, and skin health and functions. This safe, non-toxic, 10 ppm solution can be used to help with wounds, burns, cuts, ringworm, and other irritations.

  • Supports the Normal Healing Process
  • Helps with Seasonal Allergies, Runny Eyes, & Tear Stains
  • Helps Maintain Normal Eye, Ear, & Skin Functions
  • Combats Bacteria, Fungi, & Yeast
  • For Cats and Dogs

Ingredients: Deionized Water and Purified Silver (10 ppm)