Thomas Pet Stop Stool Eating Coprophagia Supplement for Dogs 100 count


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Thomas Pet understands that there are some things that dogs just do, despite the best efforts of their loving owners. This may include anything from chasing squirrels, to barking at the mailman, to eating their own poop. That last one, in particular, is something that all pet owners try to discourage, but sometimes you may need a little help. Thats where Stop Stool Eating from Thomas Pet comes in. Stop Stool Eating is a coprophagia supplement for dogs that helps discourage your pet from the nasty habit of eating poop. These tablets contain a special blend of ingredients that change the taste and texture of your dogs waste, making it more unpleasant for him to eat. The ingredients work together to add a bitter taste to the stool and help deter dogs from eating feces. The addition of peppermint and parsley leaf helps keep breath smelling fresh, while yucca reduces the odor of the stool.

  • Helps Deter Dogs From Eating Poop
  • Adds a Bitter Taste to Stool
  • Helps Keep Breath Smelling Fresh
  • Comes in Easy-to-Administer Tablets
  • For Dogs