Spot Geo Play Stick Dual Texure Dog Toy Assorted 1 count


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Your dog will love the Spot Geo Play Dual Texture Stick Dog Toy. This stick-shaped toy boasts the superior fetch-ability of ordinary sticks, but with an interesting, dual-textured construction that makes it super fun to chew. Combination foam and rubber construction plus textured geo-shapes add interest and massage teeth and gums for a healthy mouth. It even squeaks and floats for added excitement and versatility! Fill the latticed ends with treats to reward your best bud for being a good boy. Ships in assorted colors chosen at randomsee which one you get!

  • Dual foam and rubber textures for a fun chewing experience
  • Raised areas on toy help massage teeth and gums
  • Squeaker inside makes it super fun for play
  • Fill it with treats for some extra fun play
  • It floats!

Note: Item ships in assorted colors.