Prevue Snuggle Hut Small – 7″L x 4.25″W x 8.25″H – (Assorted Colors)


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Prevue Snuggle Huts are sturdy, super cozy tents that hang in your bird cage and provide birds with a perfect place to rest and feel secure. Each Snuggle Hut features a soft fleece interior, stiff sides, and hanging hooks for easy cage attachment.

  • Cozy tent-like shelter with sturdy sides and bottom
  • Offers your bird a protected place to feel warm, safe and secure
  • Soft fleece interior provides a comfy resting place

Cleaning: Snuggle Huts are machine washable. For spot cleaning, hand wash as needed with a mild soap and dry thoroughly before returning to the cage.

Small: 7″L x 4.25″W x 8.25″H
Medium: 9.75″L x 5.75″W x 10.5″H

Note: Snuggle Huts ship in assorted colors. Please let us choose one for you.