Prevue Birdie Basics Cup with Mirror 1 Pack – 1.5 oz – (Assorted Colors)


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The Prevue Birdie Basics Half Round Cage Cup with mirror is a universal fit for all small and medium cage models, making the perfect serving unit for your bird’s favorite food. The mirror snaps onto the cup, making one convenient hanging unit.

  • Universal fit for all small/medium cage models
  • Mirror snaps onto cup to make 1 hanging unit
  • Bird Feeding Cup holds 1.5 oz

Birds love admiring themselves in mirrors. Providing your feathered friend with a mirror cup will encourage more frequent meals and hydration and discourage boredom.

Cleaning Guide: Wash all food/water dishes with warm water using a damp soft cloth and mild soap. Dry thoroughly before returning to the cage.

Note: Cups ship in assorted colors. Please let us choose one for you.