Pondmaster Pond & Aquarium Deep Water Air Pump AP 40 (5,000 Gallons – 2,900 Cubic Inches per Minute)


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Pondmaster Deep Water air pumps are perfect for a variety of water related applications for your pond and aquarium. Helps aerate your water and maintain a healthy living environment to ensure your aquatic life receives the proper oxygenation needed.

  • Energy Efficient Air Pump Motor
  • Easy to use and Quiet Operation
  • 1 Outlet Discharge with High Volume Air Flow
  • Air Diffuser Included
  • 1 Year Warranty

Suitable for use in freezing temperatures as long as the air pump itself is not exposed to freezing temperatures – locate in the garage above freezing. NOTE: Tubing is sold seperately!

Model Ponds Up to: Max Depth Power Hose Size
AP-20 2500 Gallons 7 Feet 20 watts 1/2″ ID
AP-40 5000 Gallons 7 Feet 40 watts 5/8″ ID
AP-60 7000 Gallons 9.6 Feet 50 watts 3/4″ ID
AP-100 10,000 Gallons 11.5 Feet 100 watt 3/4″ ID