Pet Head Furtastic Knot Detangler Conditioner for Dogs Watermelon with Shea Butter

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For long and furry coats, this furtastic conditioner deeply moisturizes giving soft, silky and tangle-free results. Watermelon scented, with a fresh & blend of different fruit notes including melons, strawberry, and peach with just a hint of vanilla to leave your pooch smelling Furtastic! All Pet Head products are pH balanced, contain Aloe Vera & vegetable protein and are packed with natural and wholesome ingredients. All fragrances are exclusive to Pet Head and were designed and formulated with rare & upmarket ingredients leaving your pooch smelling amazingly fresh & fruity.

  • Wholesome & natural ingredients
  • Gluten & nut free
  • Free of parabens, sulphates and dyes
  • No harsh preservatives or surfactants
  • Safe to use on puppies > 8 weeks old

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