OurPets Cosmic Catnip Double Wide Cardboard Scratching Post

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OurPets Cosmic Cat Cardboard Double Wide Scratching Post is an economical cardboard scratcher that trains cats not to scratch furniture and carpet, and use this double wide scratcher instead! Best of all, it includes a free packet of 100% natural Cosmic Catnip to encourage your cats natural instincts.

  • Reversible for longer life
  • Helps train cats to not scratch rugs and furniture
  • Double wide for bonus scratching space
  • 100% natural Cosmic Catnip sample included
  • Our Pets Double Wide Scratching Post Dimensions: 20″L x 9.5″W x 2″H

To make the scratcher accessible from any direction, carefully tear the carton along perforations on all 4 sides, remove the top flap and discard.

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Dimensions 18.13 × 10.13 × 1.25 cm