Natural Chemistry Natural Outdoor Spray 24 oz

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Natural Chemistry Natural Outdoor Spray provides long lasting control of pests on lawns, patios, bushes and more. It’s made with a natural blend of cinnamon oil, clove oil and cedar wood oil, which kills and repels fleas, ticks, black flies and mosquitoes on contact.

  • Long lasting flea, tick, black fly and mosquito control
  • Made with natural cinnamon, clove and cedar wood oils
  • Use on virtually all outdoor areas

Use Natural Chemistry Outdoor Spray on yards, lawns, outdoor kennels, pool and patio areas, trees, shrubs, and just about every other outdoor surface to keep your pet pest-free. It is not harmful to any grass, trees, shrubs or flowers. May be used around all ages of animals.

Directions: Shake well before using. Read entire label before each use, and use only in accordance with label instructions.

1. Turn nozzle to “spray”, apply product to insects directly or to areas where insects live and hide.
2. Hold container upright, hold product approximately 12 inches from surface being sprayed.
3. Repeat if necessary; do not apply more than three times per week. Product can be applied to soil or vegetation, building foundations, patio, lawn furniture, etc. This product is not known to be harmful to any grass, trees, shrubs or flowers.