More Birds Health Plus Ready To Use Hummingbird Nectar Natural Red

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Now you can offer red nectar to hummingbirds without the fear of artificial dyes with More Birds Bird Health+ 64 oz Natural Red Ready-to-Use Hummingbird Nectar! The added carmine provides a natural red coloring without any artificial dyes or flavors. Vitamins and calcium are added to promote successful egg hatching. More Birds nectars are made from a blend of natural sugars found in flowers that birds feed from.

  • No artificial dye or flavor naturally dyed with carmine
  • Ready to use no boiling required
  • Mess-free bird feeding
  • Resealable container keeps nectar fresh & allows you to only use what you need
  • Added vitamins and calcium promote successful egg hatching

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply pour into your hummingbird feeder no boiling required. It is quick and easy!

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