MidWest Contour Wire Exercise Pen with Door for Dogs and Pets


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A properly exercised pet is a happier, healthier pet. Especially those that generally require a greater degree of confinement, but even pets that are allowed to roam widely cant always be given unlimited space to move about, play, and keep those muscles working. That’s where MidWest exercise pens come in. The MidWest Contour Wire Pen is a safe and secure way to give your pet room to exercise. Each MidWest product undergoes rigorous product testing from the product design phase and throughout the lifespan of the product line to provide you with the sturdiest exercise pen for your pet. Available in multiple sizes which can accommodate animals ranging from dogs to ducks and rabbits to cats

  • Non-toxic, lead-free, and chew-proof
  • Provides pets with a safe space to play
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Can be used with MidWest Wire Crates
  • Easy to assemble

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 25.6 × 24.89 × 2.49 cm

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