Magic Coat Nail Care Trimmer for Dogs

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Magic Coat Nail Trimmers are specially designed for the comfort of you and your dog, with ergonomic handles for a comfortable, secure grip and a safety bar to prevent over-trimming. Heavy-duty stainless steel trimmer blades cut cleanly, safely and painlessly.

  • Stainless steel blades cut cleanly and safely
  • Ergonomic handles provide comfortable, non-slip grip
  • Safety bar prevents over-trimming
  • Small Dog Nail Trimmer – For Dogs up to 40 lbs
  • Large Dog Nail Trimmer – For Dogs over 40 lbs

Directions: Holding your dog’s paw firmly in one hand, insert the nail into the opening above the cutting blade and squeeze the handles together. If your dog’s nails are extremely long, trim just a little off and wait a week to trim the nails again. This will allow the blood vessels to retreat back into the nail. Repeat the procedure once a week until you have reached the desired length. Important: If you cut too much and the nail starts to bleed, apply styptic powder to the nail and the bleeding should stop.

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