Magic Coat Anti-Static Love Glove 1 Count


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The Four Paws Magic Coat Anti-Static Love Glove features carbon fiber strands woven throughout its fabric to reduce static electricity during brushing. Soft, flexible rubber tips lift dirt and dead hair from the coat while massaging the skin beneath. Its also great for removing pet hair from fabrics and furniture!

  • Neutralizes static to control fur
  • Collects hair and smooths coat
  • Soft rubber tips massage skin
  • Ideal for all dog coats

Directions: Fits hands of all sizes. Choose desired glove side and secure glove on hand accordingly with adjustable strap. Gently stroke pets coat, removing hair and static. Hair can be easily peeled off glove or rinsed with cold water.

Washing Instructions: Handwash glove with warm water and air-dry.