Flukers Grub Bag Calcium Fortified Treats for Tortoises

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Fluker’s Calcium Fortified Tortoise Treat Herbivore Blend—an all-natural food for your herbivorous reptile. This blend features a combination of nutritious vegetables and fruits, carefully selected to provide essential vitamins and minerals for your pet’s well-being. Plus, our mix is calcium-fortified, ensuring your reptile receives essential mineral support. Our advanced drying technology preserves the rich flavors while ensuring a healthy treat for your reptile. Experience the convenience of quick and easy preparation—simply add water to enjoy this flavorful mix. Ideal for bearded dragons, tortoises, box turtles, blue-tongued skinks, iguanas, uromastyx, and other reptiles that include vegetables and fruit in their diet. With its resealable pouch, feeding becomes hassle-free, and no refrigeration is required for storage. Give your herbivorous reptile the joy of a natural, nutritious, and calcium-fortified treat with Fluker’s Tortoise Treat Herbivore Mix.

  • 100% all-natural and preservative-free
  • Calcium fortified for essential mineral support
  • Carefully selected blend of nutritious vegetables and fruits for essential vitamins and minerals
  • Ideal for a variety of reptiles, including bearded dragons, tortoises, box turtles, blue-tongued skinks, iguanas, and uromastyx
  • Resealable pouch for convenient feeding

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