Flukers Dripper Reptile Drip System

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Flukers Reptile Drip System provides tropical and forest-dwelling reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates with a source of clean water that drips to facilitate their natural drinking behaviors. This system is perfect for pets that drink from mists and dew rather than standing water.

  • Easy to use terrarium drip system
  • Provides clean dripping water for pets who will not drink standing water
  • Great for tropical and forest-dwelling reptiles, amphibians and more
  • Reptile Drip System holds 12 fluid ounces

The Reptile Drip System is made of tough, lightweight materials and features a secure lid to keep dust, debris, and pests out. The spigot features an adjustable flow valve to control the amount of drip, with built-in protection against leaks. The white container keeps the water inside from becoming too hot and is easy to clean.

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