Flexrake The Jaws Scoop – Poop Scoop One Handed Jaws Scoop with 22″ Handle & 5.5″ Wide Scoop


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The Flexrake Jaws Scoop is designed for one handed pick-ups on all surfaces and is made of durable polypropylene plastic. Rugged, polypropylene construction stands up to the elements and rinses clean with the hose.

  • One-handed pickups on all surfaces
  • Made of durable polypropelyne plastic
  • Powerful spring action jaws

The Jaws Scoop makes cleaning up after your dog much faster and easier, the powerful spring action ensures the jaws stay closed until you’re ready to empty it.

The Flexrake Jaws Scoop has a long 22″ handle to help eliminate unnecessary bending. The Jaws Scoop is 5.5″ Wide and great for pick up on grass, cement, dirt, and other hard surfaces.