Coralife Marine Pure Water Care Bacteria

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Coralife PURE contains millions of beneficial living marine bacteria and enzymes that will live on aquarium surfaces and breakdown the ammonia and nitrite that is created by fish waste and excess food. Enzymes will help breakdown organic sludge that often causes poor water clarity. It can be used for aquarium start up and as a weekly water routine to help reduce aquarium cleaning and maintenance. PURE is easy to dose and is a time release ball, so it cannot be overdosed.

  • Helps support a healthy saltwater aquarium
  • Reduces ammonia and nitrite
  • Easy to dose and cannot be overdosed
  • Aids in aquarium start-up
  • Helps maintain clear water

To maintain a healthy and clear aquarium, add one PURE ball per 30 gallons of water per week. A weekly reminder chart is on the package for an easy way to keep track of when the last treatment was given. It works most effectively when introduced to a filtered tank system. PURE balls may float in saltwater due to differences in density, then will slowly sink within several hours. PURE can also be added to the filter and will still work effectively while keeping it contained within the filter. While it does not dissolve completely, the small PURE left behind will go unnoticed and can be removed during water changes. This does not replace water changes but provides a sort of safety net should the habitat become unbalanced. Keep unused PURE sealed. Only open the number of balls needed per treatment. Size of ball may vary, but will not affect dosage. If product freezes in transit, allow to unfreeze before use. Efficacy will not be affected.

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