Coastal Pet Walk Right Padded Front Dog Harness Red

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The Walk Right Padded Harness Red creates an enjoyable, controlled walking experience for you and your dog. This padded harness is comfortable on your dog and eliminates chafing and pulling! Prevent pulling and tugging on your next walk with the Walk Right. Front-Connect Padded Dog Harness. This dual-connect harness features two options for hooking on your leash to train your dog to walk properly. The front connection guides your dog by the chest strap and naturally redirects attention without causing neck strain.

  • Padded harness that attaches to the chest instead of the neck
  • Front dog harness is built with a soft, comfortable chest pad
  • Helps eliminate pulling and yanking for proper dog training

Leash attaches to the chest to prevent pulling and yanking while on walks. Benefits include No Strain, designed to reduce neck pain and discomfort while walking. Includes a convenient back-connect ring available for standard use when your dog is trained. Easy to Put On Coastal Pet front dog harnesses are easy to place on dogs with a simple step-in design.

Walk Right Padded Front Dog Harness Size Guide:
Small Front Harness – 16-24″ girth
Medium Front Harness – 20-30″ girth
Large Front Harness – 26-38″ girth

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