Coastal Pet Herm Sprenger Steel Slip Training Dog Collar 2.5mm

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Coastal Pet Herm Sprenger steel slip dog collar is an effective training tool that helps you keep control over your dog and give basic training. The chain is made of premium quality metal, making it stronger and more durable than other dog collars. It is a water-resistant chain that is adverse to different weather conditions. Ideal for medium and large dogs, this training collar is made using sophisticated production techniques to ensure durability and top quality.

  • Designed to help you train your dog especially tugging or pulling
  • Steel collar comes in multiple sizes to suit a variety of dog breeds
  • Great training collar for walking strong pullers and medium to large dogs, or training a new pup to heel
  • Round-cut welded links for great durability.

Includes only top tier materials from Herm Sprenger. Made with pride in Germany, utilizing modern techniques and tight quality control. The purpose of this dog chain training collar is to train stubborn dogs. Teaching your dog to walk calmly is easier with the Chain Training Collar from Herm Springer. This safe and convenient training tool is designed to let dogs know when it’s time to heel. It’s made with durable steel links that help to discourage pulling by applying pressure when he yanks on the leash. That pressure then encourages him to step back and relax his stride. It’s great for taking large dogs or tough pullers on a walk, protecting you and your best bud from getting into a dangerous situation.

Collar Sizing:
To select the most accurate size collar for your pet, measure the center of their neck with a cloth tape measure, a few inches down from their head. Pull the cloth tape measure snug, but not tight. If you don’t have a cloth tape measure, you can use a piece of string and measure it with a rigid ruler afterward. Make sure there’s enough room for about two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck for comfort.

Herm Sprenger Training Dog Collar Size Guide:
16″ Long x 2.5 mm Width Training Collar – Dogs up to 66 lbs
18″ Long x 2.5 mm Width Training Collar – Dogs up to 66 lbs
20″ Long x 2.5 mm Width Training Collar – Dogs up to 66 lbs
22″ Long x 2.5 mm Width Training Collar – Dogs up to 66 lbs

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