Chuckit Tumble Bumper Dog Toy

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The chuckit! tumble bumper is an extension of the tug, shake or toss line. random bounce tumbling action on land, high floating easy visibility on the water. adds excitement to the game with its unique tumbling, high floating action. soft yet durable, your dog will love playing fetch & retrieve with the tumble bumper dog toy. random bounce tumbling action keeps your pup guessing and entertained. multi-layer construction for added durability and the bright color gives increased visibility and helps to prevent the toy from getting lost. made of soft but sturdy material thats easy on a dogs mouth.

  • Gentle on dogs mouth
  • Great for both land and water play
  • Bright colors provide increased visibility
  • Made from durable, long-lasting rubber

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Dimensions 8.25 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm