Beckett Submersible Pond UV Filter Pump Kit

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Beckett Pond Pump & 3-Watt UV Filter, 160 GPH; Pump up your pond with sparkling clean water by using the Beckett Pond Pump & 3-Watt UV Filter. Water is circulated through the filter, exposing it to UV light and in turn dramatically reducing the presence of algae and lowering green water quantity. It’s even easy to adjust the water pressure, just match the adjustable water knob to your preference. Use this pump in ponds up to 300 gallons for a more pleasantly unpolluted pond!

  • Produces clean, clear water by circulating water through the filter, allowing it to be exposed to UV light.
  • Dramatically reduces algae and minimizes green water quantity in ponds
  • Control the water pressure to your preference with the adjustable water flow knob.
  • Requires 120Vs, 60Hz, and 13.6 watts to operate successfully.
  • Can be used in ponds up to 300 gallons.

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