Beckett Spaces Places Submersible Auto Shut Off Pond or Waterfall Pump Black

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Enhance your backyard pond with moving water using the SpacesPlaces Waterfall & Pond Pump with Auto-Shutoff. Add a small waterfall to an existing pond, or create an extra large sized pond up to 2400 gallons. Its magnetic drive, energy efficient design uses considerably less power than a traditional pump, and is specifically crafted for continuous, submerged use. Its hardy, plastic casing ensures durability, and the generous front screen protects the inlet from debris.

  • POND OR WATERFALL PUMP: Centrifugal pump that contains no seals to leak. An integrated sensor and automatic shutoff ensures the pump will not run if the water level drops, preventing it from damage.
  • FISH, PLANT, AND ECO FRIENDLY: 120 volt, very low energy consumption, economical to operate. Compact design fits easily into skimmers. This pump is oil-free, making it safe for animals and plants in the pump’s environment. – Easy assembly, no tools required, oil-free, safe for fish and plants
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF: Auto shut-off sensor detects low water levels and automatically shuts off the pump, preserving the life of the pump.
  • USER FRIENDLY: A molded handle helps you easily reposition the pump. The front screen removes for cleaning, while the 15 ft. long cord makes placement simple. In addition, NO TOOLS are required for assembly.
  • Power source type: Electric

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