Beckett Black Vinyl Pond Tubing

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Direct water from your submersible pump to your existing Spitter, fountain head, or biological filter easily using this Beckett fountain & Spitter Black vinyl tubing. This fantastic, 20′ Length of tubing is perfect for short runs, & the product easily connects to pumps. The Black color not only blends with your pond liner; It also prevents the tubing from degrading due to ultraviolet rays. Its flexible design allows you to position & curve It as needed, for a truly versatile accessory. Move water from your pond to an exciting feature with this fountain & Spitter Black vinyl tubing. Made in the USA. dimensions: 20 feet long pond tubing. Construction: Vinyl

  • 20 Foot Long Roll of All-Purpose Pond Tubing
  • Black Vinyl Pond Tubing 0.5″ Inner Diameter
  • Durable UV stabilized tubing for long life
  • Black tubing prevents sunlight penetration reducing algae growth

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11.75 × 11 × 2 cm