Aquatop Media Reactor with Pump MR-20 for Aquariums

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The Aquatop Media Reactor with Pump helps you get maximum efficiency out of your aquarium filter media. Its versatile design may be used with any media type, including phosphate resins, phosphate or nitrate sponges, activated carbon, and other resin media.

  • Maximizes efficiency of aquarium filter media
  • Prevents water from channeling through media
  • May be used with virtually any filter media type

The innovative design eliminates water channeling through media, meaning your aquarium water gets maximum exposure to your media for maximum filtration. The lid features a recessed O-ring to provide a complete seal while allowing easy removal. The aquarium media reactors’ durable acrylic body and versatile design allow it to hang on the tank or be installed in-sump, and it includes Aquatops SWP-230 Adjustable Flow Water Pump, all necessary plumbing, and a sediment discharge filter for instant set-up and use.

Aquatop Media Reactor with Pump MR-20 Specifications:

  • Filtration Capacity: 10-75 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 2.4″ Diameter x 15″ High
  • Pump: Aquatop SWP-230 Adjustable Flow Water Pump

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