Aquatop Internal Surface Skimmer SSK-65

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The Aqua top SSK-65 aquarium surface skimmer removes debris and oils from the surface of your aquarium water Line which promotes gaseous exchange and deeper light penetration within the aquarium.

  • This surface skimmer is easy to install and its compact size and suction cup mounts make for flexible placement anywhere along the surface of the Aquarium.
  • Along with the SSK-65s surface skimming ability, The unit also includes a small Sponge block for mechanical filtration and a quiet, energy-efficient submersible pump with adjustable flow.
  • Flow rate: 65 GPH
  • Power: 2. 5 watts
  • Tank capacity: up to 100 gallons

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3.25 × 2.25 cm