Aquatop Adjustable Flow Rate Submersible Pump for Aquariums

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The Aquatop Submersible NP-Series Aquarium Pump is powerful, efficient, and versatile. With high flow rate and multi-purpose fittings, this pump can be used as a powerhead, circulation pump, and main system pump.

  • Extremely quiet running
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ideal for fresh and saltwater aquariums, ponds and water gardens

Aquatop Submersible NP-Series Aquarium Pumps are ideal for small to medium aquariums, small ponds, water gardens and fountains. The NP series features an adjustable flow rate, which offers energy savings and allows the pump to operate at maximum efficiency.


  • 118 GPH
  • 7 Watt
  • 27″ Max Head

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